How do you share your product catalog?

I'm a merchandising architect for a large e-commerce marketplace. We're currently going through a re-evaluation of how we gather product information from our various suppliers. The size of our suppliers' assortments is quite varied. Many are large businesses (100K + SKUs) and others are smaller more local businesses selling parts and the like (dozens of SKUs).

Most of our product information comes through in spreadsheets that are usually emailed to one of our merchandisers. Ingesting and processing spreadsheets of product information is getting quite cumbersome as we scale our assortment to millions of products.

We'd like to make it more seamless for suppliers to share their SKU catalogs and maintenance updates with us. Additionally, we'd want to make it easier to share our catalog to internal business teams/marketplaces and other applications.

Does anyone have experience with this particular problem? What tools or strategies do you use to share product information? What other pain points have you experienced related to this?

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