Recommendations for low-maintenance, self-hosted solutions – alternatives to WordPress/WooCommerce?

I'm an experienced web dev who freelances for a handful of clients/organizations who use self-hosted WordPress + WooCommerce sites. Despite my best efforts, it seems like every other day brings a new and baffling maintenance nightmare caused by WP version B + WC version A + Plugin X + Theme Y + PHP version Z and the ambient barometric pressure of Uruguay and the phase of the moon just not getting along and it manifests in the most bizarre and hard to debug ways.

I'm donating my time to these clients, so I'd like to keep the babysitting of the sites to a minimum; however, due to their subject matter domain (firearms training), I don't feel comfortable setting them up on something like SquareSpace as I'm pretty sure it would only be a matter of time before they get booted.

They don't have any unusual requirements; the only must-have is PayPal integration, and subscriptions are a huge plus.

Anything you'd recommend I check out?

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