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Hi All!

Please advise – if anybody used Amazon as a carrier for delivery parcels b2c in the USA?

We sell from our platform, and a very small part through Amazon.And we've got an idea to ship urgent parcels, sold from our platform, by Amazon, using them as a carrier (shipping first the batch to FBA). They declare 4 days delivery from receiving the order to any point of the USA (excluding some special zones).And their rate seems to be much cheaper than 3D service by UPS and Fedex, if we need expedited delivery.

Please advise:

  1. Do they always keep 4 days?
  2. Does such short period provided by air delivery , or by allocating SKU between many distibution centres, from which they are shipped (in both cases rate seems to be too cheap)
  3. Does Amazon apply dimensional weight , if so, when it is applied(always or in some cases) and what is the divisor?
  4. Are there any hidden surcharges, which need to be asked additionally to declared (DAS, fuel surcharge etc)?
  5. Do they use their own transport, or Amazon as a carrier is just an aggregate service, which uses direct carriers, like UPS, DHL, USPS, Fedex?

Thank you in advance.

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