Using Facebook/Insta ads to drive traffic to Shopify is possible without integrating my store and selling on FB marketplace, right?

At first I thought it was good and convenient to integrate my Shopify store into FB Marketplace. Why not launch into two channels at once for my new store? I’ve already setup my Facebook page and I’ve already been approved by “Meta” to sell.

But I keep hearing stories about Facebook shutting down stores for no reason, and each time I get an email from Meta telling me my latest “health” score is good, I trust them less. I don’t want to be dependent on the whims and judgments of an algorithm. Add in the “first year’s free” offer and it’s all very suspicious. Kinda like Amazon telling third party sellers that FBA is in their best interest.

So let’s say I only launch my store on Shopify, but I still want to drive traffic. Can I still do that in an easy way using Facebook and Instagram ads, or do I have to sign my soul away?

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