Calling you ecommerce gurus, what are your thoughts on this partnership?

I stumbled across this consultancy business. I'm new to ecommerce

They handle sales, set up the website, handle technical support, outsource alot of the business, etc. They basically are a consulting business and you run your own LLC. 0 upfront costs besides setting up LLC.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. They said there would be NO contractual agreements I would have to sign to be in partnership with them (unless i created one and asked them to sign), which was a big red flag for me. They drive traffic, then i get 5- 10 % commission on those sales. If you don't maintain the sales reporting or do everything you need to do to maintain the business they shut down the site pretty quickly.

I'm not looking to make a killing, just working on building a few small income streams. Am i wasting my time? Am i missing something where I would be taken advantage of? The only thing I can think of is they are international vendors and they are just pushing the chargebacks onto to others? Doesn't seem like that would be sustainable though. Could barely find any info about them online and their "reviews" on youtube are 3 from 2013 lol

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