Help me pick a platform for live pricing and ebay integration.


I am looking to get an ecommerce website built for my business. I have seen this question asked a lot with generic businesses but I feel like the answer is going to be different for different wants / needs.

I will be selling coins / collectibles and precious metals (bullion).

The 3 things I believe that may be determining factors in which platform I pick are listed below.

  • Prices for bullion that live update depending on the price of precious metals (Gold / Silver) (I've heard Magento can do this but not shopify, unsure if that's true)
  • Ability to cross-post items both on Ebay and the ecommerce website for the business
  • Scalability as the business is growing and likelihood of user accounts for wholesale customers / pricing may be needed relatively soon.

I will be hiring this out and I am stumped trying to pick a platform that can be made to accommodate my needs listed above.

Budget is there, I'm not scared to spend money to get it done right the first time.

Which platform do you suggest? Thanks in advance for your help.

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