Returns a bit high this month

A little bit annoyed. I've returned some stuff I bought so I can't relly complain too much. But they are high and it's bugging me.

Had one item come back – the customer didnt even open the envelope. Just put a stamp on it and cross out the delivery address. and circled the return address.

I sell watch straps, and one customer really pissing me off. I sold 1 strap and the hardware was changed on it (improved). The website had picture of old hardware on it. No biggie, I asked if he wanted to return it for a refund on take some old stock which match the website pics – if he takes the replacmeent, he can keep the origjnal strap – i won't need it b ack. He chose latter, so I sent the pictured item.

Now he's emailed back saying he wants to return the item. I replied back with the return address and made sure to point out that I require both straps back for refund. What pisses me off is why did he ask for me to send out the pictured strap if he wans't happy with the colour/finish of the strap.

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