Looking for marketing guidance

Hey all! I am in the need of some guidance/advice.

I started my ecommerce business in January and it has been going swimmingly. I have done 2500+ orders resulting in almost $90K in revenue and have cultivated an organic IG following of ~2200. Luck seems to have been on my side for this endeavor and I can confidently say that I can build a lasting brand around this product. I have done this through FB ads and a handful of collaborations within my niche. I am very happy with my growth, but to be honest, I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to digital marketing. My product is just very desirable within my niche and I currently have no competition so I have just been coasting on that.

I have just been running FB ads with one video creative that I made myself at $50 a day. This is obviously working, but I cannot help but feel as if I am wasting some money because I do not know the ins and outs of FB ads. I do not know how to read the analytics properly. I do not know which benchmarks to track or what good rates even are. I do not know how to properly build campaigns or what strategies I can use to scale my adsets. Not to mention, the void of knowledge surrounding google adwords/analytics and SEO stuff (haven't even touched that). I do not want to outsource these things as I think it will be more worthwhile to learn them myself.

I guess I am just asking for resources or some learning funnel where I can learn these things in an organized fashion if it exists. YouTube gurus on this topic do not seem trustworthy and it seems that shilling an overpriced course is their true motive. If you all have any resources on how to start learning this stuff I would greatly appreciate it.


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