Shopify medium risk order with only characteristics flagged.

Everything matches like the customer name and email, as well as the name on the card (last names match). The ip is fine and the shipping + billing address are the same, the location is an apartment about 20 minutes away from me. I tried to search for the names, email and number but couldn't find anything on google or social media.

The only thing the fraud analysis brings up is "some characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past". I'm unsure what this means exactly but I get the feeling this person might have submitted a few chargebacks or false claims in the past (please correct me if that's not what this indicates).

Is my only option requesting their ID and other similar info? because I don't feel like that's the issue, but rather the type of customer they are. I'm very tempted to just cancel and move on but I'm worried it's a genuine customer who'll end up being pretty annoyed. The order is over $100 and the items are best sellers so I'm not really eager to fulfil if there's a risk.

It's a mid priced women's apparel store. I've only had one other medium risk before but it was a freight forwarder which I cancelled.

Any advice/how do you deal with similar orders?

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