Would really appreciate some feedback on my website!

Laser Cat Toy (

I know that there's many posts like mine in this sub so I really appreciate anyone that is still here taking their time to review my website despite that!

So I've launched the website for about a month. mainly doing ads through facebook. From which I've gotten about 100 link clicks and 4 sales. I've also had an instagram post showcasing it go semi viral (~100k views) But only one sale from that.

I already know that Ill get a lot of responses about how this might be an oversaturated market and having a single product sites isnt the best idea. Im not just ignoring these concerns but this is my first venture into eccommerce and I plan on eventually moving onto a different product with the info Ill learn from this run so I would really appreciate some feed back on the actual website portion and any advice on possibly increasing conversions.

Again really appreciate it! 😀

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