Best e-commerce database design

Hello there,

is there a really good guide on database design for e-commerce?

The product can be of simple type – it means that users can buy this product.

The product can have also multiple variants. So one product can have few options to buy.

The main issue I have is how to bind them with the order/cart entity.

When a user is buying a simple product (without variant) there is no problem. I can bind this product with the cart and then with the order.

But when the user is buying a variant?

Should I create something like:

Product table

product: id: int title: string ... //other fields 

Variant table. There might be many options like colour, size, etc and I don't think it should be separate relation for this

product_variant: id: int option: string value: string 

relation between product and variant table

product_variant_relation: id: int id_variant: int id_product: int 

and then in the cart and in the order I should simply add for example:

Order item table:

id: int order_id: int product_id: int variant_id: int|null 

where variant_id = ?

Is it that simple ?

Or there is another better solution ?

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