Best email practices for signing up for business accounts

I have a gmail for my business, a, and a for now. The gmail is used for the social media. My personal is used for ad accounts and other third party services accounts (payments, phone), and support is only for support.

Currently going through all the signing up of different services/accounts for my business and I starting to think that I should have an email mainly for opening accounts instead of using my personal. Some services like google ads/analytics/tag manager requires a google account to open, but someone (without google workspace) could use a business domain email to sign up for a google account with that email (except for gmail). Thinking long term it seems like it’s a good practice but I’d like to hear the cons of this.

How do you guys go about this? Which email do you use for opening social media accounts, payment processor accounts, business bank accounts, Shopify, ad accounts etc?

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