Expanding our business and switching to eCommerce.

Hello everybody!

I'm not writing here to brag about our success. Okay, maybe just a little bit. But, we are making another step for our business. It's a huge thing for us, and for me as an owner, it's also a brand new experience. I have no clue whether it's going to be successful or it's a failure for us.

Well, the biggest step is that we are finally launching our online store. We specialize in the sale of construction materials. We've started to work with some contractors and construction companies. We also have our warehouse now. We made this decision for our clients who didn't want to buy in bulk but also ordered something in smaller amounts.

Our store was also successful, but not because of the companies we worked with. Mainly some households browsed our stores when they did a makeover for their places by themselves. I would say that 40% of our revenue comes from the private sector.

But, we are trying to be loyal to everybody. We understand that some of our customers live far away from our store and don't want to spend hours driving just to check what we have in stock. Our social media accounts are bombarded with messages if we have something they are interested in our store.

This is why we've launched an online store for our customers to save everyone's time, and we are working on a marketing strategy right now. But, I understand that this online store launch might hit hard our logistics chain. I was thinking of expanding the number of the delivery staff, specifically for the household sector. But, recently, I ran into this service — I think that their services might be handy when it comes to distributing our products.

It's just that I've never had experience in outsourcing these parts of my business. Well, now we are dealing with different web designers. But, outsourcing delivery is different. It should work like a well-oiled machine in the long run. I would really appreciate it if you share some of your experience in outsourcing some functions of your business.

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