I am building a free, open-source Shopify Storefront for my portfolio – how should I build it?

Hi y'all! I am a senior web-developer and I'm looking to brush up my portfolio with a ecommerce project. It would be fantastic to get some feedback on "What does your dream ecommerce store look like?" and what type of functionality should be included. It will work as headless ecommerce, with Shopify as a ecom backend.

Some core principles that I'm looking into:

  • Video-first. Instead of only product images, it would be better with product videos showcasing the products in use. The store-owner should be able to re-use Tiktok and social media videos on product pages.
  • Personal videos explaining the brand/products. I really like this feature in, where the founder has a little "onboarding video" explaining the brand and the products. More parts of the website should function like this.
  • Dynamic theming. Storeowners should be able to customise the storefront somewhat based on their needs, with preferences for dark/light and brand colors.
  • Campaign banners. Store owners should be able to insert banners for campaigns at different placements.
  • Micro-animations. Personal favorite of mine, but I really love micro-animations. While a bit much sometimes, sites like Oatly and Apple utilizes a lot of animations – which creates a more premium look and a more fun browsing experience.
  • Simple and easy checkout/payment. I love 1-click-buy functionality and checkouts that are simple and to the point.
  • Personalization. While anything complex is way out of scope for something like this, product pages should have support for sections like "If you buy this, you probably need this as well", "This item is part of a a starter-pack, do you want to buy this instead?" and "Similiar products to this one"

What else are you currently looking for in a storefront? What is your biggest wants and frustrations?

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