I’m one of the cofounders of Ora Organic, a $15m+ supplements company, and I solo-built a new Shopify App to tell me how our customers find us.

So I'm one of the co-founders of, a supplement company that's in the ~$20m per year range. In the last few years, I transitioned from being the CTO to the COO, and in that period I found that one of the biggest problems we had as a business was making sure we were spending money on the right stuff.

I got deep into GA, Custom Pixels, Tagging, and attribution modelling, and found that it just wasn't working the way I wanted it to. We still couldn't tell if people were coming from a specific podcast or TV show that we'd been on, etc., so I built a small 2 question survey in vanilla JS into the confirmation page of our Recharge and Shopify checkout. I used google cloud functions to push that data into an Airtable so that we could easily build nice reports on the data. I wasn't sure how many customers would actually make use of it, but I thought it was worth a shot and there weren't many other options out there.

The survey was structured as follows:

Thank you []! Let us know when your big day is so we can be sure to send you a little something special. Q: How did you hear about Ora? (required) Q: When is your birthday? (optional) 

You can see what the survey looks like on my dev store here.

As it turns out, A LOT of people started to fill it out. I think this is because I tried to make it SUPER easy for people to fill out, and offered an incentive for them to do so (as well as provide us with their age, which is optional). To-date, around 40% of new customers fill out the survey on the confirmation page of their first order.

This data is now the backbone of our company's marketing strategy. The fact that 4/10 customers tell us where they come from gives us a reliable sample size to determine the effectiveness of our marketing spend. That's why I thought it was worth building out into a full-on app with its own analytics, integrations, and the ability to also email the customers who didn't fill out the survey immediately after purchase, to improve the completeness of the dataset even further.

The app is called Attribute (, and it's now live on the Shopify app store.

I built this app by myself, in VueJS on top of Google Cloud and Firebase. It was designed by my incredible friends at Onbox Creative (, and I'm really stoked to launch it to the world. We tried to make it easy and intuitive to use, so, hopefully, we got close to achieving that.

I'd love for people to give it a shot, and let me know how they go with it. This has been an incredibly useful tool for Ora, and I think it will be for a lot of other merchants on Shopify. This is the first app/project I've ever built, and I'm sure there's a lot that I can do better – and I'm really excited to get that feedback and continue to learn and improve.

It's been a journey to get here, but I hope eCommerce merchants like me will love it as much as we at Ora do, and enjoy using it as much as I did building it.


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