Is this a scam?

I sell digital items on shopify and recently I got hit with a fraudulent charge back for over $300. How can I fight this?

Today I received a order for over $200usd fraud level on shopify is moderate here is the link to the screenshot.

Here is how the conversation with me and the customer went.

Me: Hello, I see you ordered. If I refund you are you able to pay with PayPal? I ask this because is says the fraud level of this order is moderate.

Customer: Hello! It would be very inconvenient for me to repeat the payment with PayPal. I live in Cyprus and the card is really Cypriot. I am currently on vacation in Bali, so the payment was made from Indonesia.

Will it be a problem to do the order with this payment, or is it necessary to make a payment via PayPal?

Thank you in advance.

Does this seem suspicious? Safe to fulfill the order? Any advice on how to fight a chargeback for digital goods?

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