Any advice on what to focus on?


I am scratching around and hoping for some advice. I own and run an eCommerce store in the UK (

I made the first iteration of the website on WooCommerce in 2020, We had some great success in 2021 (£300,000 turnover for the year), along with everyone in the retail space. Seeing the success and opportunity, I doubled down and invested in having a Magento 2 website developed which was launched at the end of 2021. I have been working on this full-time for over a year.

The developer who migrated from WooCommerce to Magento 2 messed up massively with SEO and 301 redirects and we lost all the rankings we were achieving. Throughout this year, we slowly have improved the website usability, along with adding Meta Title, Meta Desc, and content for products.

We've dabbled in Google Ads, and Facebook Ads but seeing a negative ROI, i am pushing the SEO aspect as much as possible because this is what was revenue generating before the move, however. I am becoming massively dishearted with the lack of google ranking growth. We've 20,000+ products all active. I know we need to be patient AGAIN with SEO.

We managed to obtain so many suppliers over the last year, stupidly it became addictive to constantly add products instead of focusing on sales 100%. However, enough is enough and we really need to start bringing in revenue.

Any advice on how to move forward?

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