Do you need a TikTok presence before reaching out to micro-influencers?

I'd like to try my hand at Tiktok ads specifically by reaching out to micro-influencers and offering free products in exchange for a Tiktok. For this I have two questions:

– Do I need a Tiktok acc for my brand? Fx if the person says "Visit xxx and see more" can the influencer insert my CTA in their video, or do I have to make an account and then link the partnership or something like that?

– If no to the above, do I need an ad account on Tiktok for my purpose? I understand I need an ad account if I want to make ads myself like on FB and Google, but if I reach out by email, send my offer and the creator makes a video then I can't see why I should sign up for the platform.

I will sign up for the platform in the future, but I'd like to try my luck with influencers first and see what happens.

Thank you.

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