E-Commerce store that can sell kitted or bundled products natively?

Trying to set up a store for 10,000+ items, where customers buy a case qty or kit of products, and the inventory shown reflects how many bundles are available based on the multiple of each component.

IE: "Hat A" comes 24/box. We have 60 in stock. Store shows customer 2x "Case of 24 Hat A" are in stock. Customer buys one, stock is reduced on both ecommerce AND Zoho Books/Inventory to 38. Store now shows only 1 is available.

IE: "Shelf A" is a bundle of "Post, 6 shelves, 24 bins"…. We Have lots of posts, 25 shelves, lots of bins. Stock shows 4 based on limitations of shelf in stock.

Sites that can't??? Shopify : you can restrict/force carton qty by meta data manipulation which I have done successfully, but not kits without paying extortion to an app developer.

Bigcommerce: does not allow kits that I can find,

Wix: No support for kits or bundled products.

Zoho Commerce: they can't even figure out how to track stock of kits in inventory, let alone live stock tracking of kits in their online stores.

Why is this basic function a paid option only and only by the disgusting monthly subscription apps???

What online store setup can handle tens of thousands of products, for less than $2000/year and calculate stock on kits ?

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