What international courier would you choose in my situation?

I am preparing to launch my cannabis business (CBD) and plan on shipping only to EU & UK, but shipping is tremendously expensive. For a better perspective, I'm based in Romania and being at the eastern end of the EU all tariffs are more expensive than let's say Austria, which is right in the middle.

I am based in a smaller town and my only courier choices would be DPD, GLS and express post by EMS. I am pretty much in an impossible situation because:

1) DPD and GLS are very expensive ($30-35 per shipment), even if I have about 150% markup on my products. Remember, most of my orders would be low value, somewhere around $100. That would force me to put some MOQ and raise prices to improve my profit, but at the detriment of new potential buyers.

2) DPD does not ship to UK and Ireland, which is really bad, because Brits would be the main buyers

3) I really wouldn't want to use GLS because they are total crap, low reviews everywhere and also expensive.

4) That leaves me to EMS, which is by far cheapest at around $15 and ships everywhere. Biggest issue is time here, they can take their sweet time sometimes to deliver.

One more thing: even though we are talking about legal CBD, Romania being Romania and the tolerance being very low here, I thought for a brief moment that I could ship without registering a company and having a contract with the courier. The only courier that could work like this would be DPD, but very expensive. There are ways to set up a company for this, but it's complicated and I would rather not do it.

What would you do in my situation? Serious answers are much appreciated.

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