Help: I have just found myself with stock of a discontinued product now in hot demand

I'm a newbie with a weird story.

Long story short – 10 years ago I imported some specialty mens razors from US to Australia. They didnt sell in OZ, I put them in storage. Was about to put them in landfill but tonight I decided to try and sell them on ebay. Turns out this line of razors was discontinued late last year and prices on ebay are at least 30 times what I paid (expected). Solid steady purchase history from the 3 US/Canadian ebay sellers have the current prices around $80-100USD. All amazon sellers are sold out. Cant seem to buy them anywhere else on the web. I have about 1000 items I can sell (there are 3 different product types). 99% of the market is US and I still live in OZ. Shaver forums/ebay/amazon reviews are full of customers seeking new stock from anywhere.

I have a full time job and I dont have hardly any e-commerce knowledge but I want to sell these razors as soon as possible before a new product comes out that could supercede it.

Would you sell these on ebay/amazon or would you use another platform?

Should I just try and sell them all to a US seller to save the hassle of selling direct to consumer?

Any ideas/advice would be greatly welcomed.

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