Anyone used Radio Advertising for Ecommerce

Hi All,

I'm just wondering if anyone here has used radio advertising for their website? it would be a local station covering the county we're in, but a well known station

I know it's not the type of advertising that will see an immediate impact (sales rep from the station reckons it's only worth doing for minimum 3 months for our sector, which makes sense I guess). We sell home goods, mainly bedding. I know there are a couple of companies in a similar sector (furniture for example) that have been advertising for a good while with them, so presumably they were happy with the results.

We're not entirely online. We have a showroom open to the public, but it's 90% online, so I would be hoping to see results on our website.

Also, anyone that's tried – is a jingle the way to go? Sales guy said it's not necessarily the best option, he's more inclined to do a softly spoken word ad emphasising luxury.


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