BEST EVER SHOPIFY STORE??! Can I please get a site review?


This is an ecommerce site with a twist,

We have games you can play for free, based on the characters from our universe, that exists in order to draw attention to and set free captive killerwhales, stop shark finning and clean up the ocean.

Our mission is to set free captive killerwhales…..but how?

You can see this in our movie and content. Ever heard of the PowerPuff Girls?
I am certain you didn't watch some yesterday, it left an impression on you,

just like Pokemon, Courage the Cowardly Dog….Crash Bandicoot….we are the next

We make an impression and draw attention to these problems and do so with art.

The movies and games are free and the products are how we make money, but we are coming out with a paid version of the game…

So like I say I am now looking for money to a) buy products and also b) advertising c) Game development to make a true classic we're not messing around but with all of this,

A proper plan of action will be made.

How can I find the investors I'm looking for? What do you think of the site? the games? Our mission?

How can I find the investors I'm looking for?

Thank you.

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