I would like to vent…

Hi everyone,

I wanted an outlet to vent about my recent issues. In 2020 I started to get Into E-Comm and it changed my life entirely. I went from earning $12 an hour to doing $1,000,000 in sales after 2 years of grinding and building my business.

Everyone knows the kind of issues we face, like payment processors going down, letters from lawyers, shitty customers, etc. Past 2 years has shown me that the system is built to try and destroy successful people. Even payment processors don’t want a successful store IMO. Considering how many times payment processors have stolen our funds, like PayPal, square, Venmo (Basically PayPal).

I’m in a high risk industry which means I am constantly always wondering if tomorrow I’ll wake up with my business taken from me. Past two years I’ve constantly had to fight. I’ve lost payment processors, almost lost my whole site and dealing with scamming customers.

Last year it became to much and I even had to go to the emergency room because of a panic attack I had, mostly because too many things felt like they were going wrong. So my business has cost me my mental health at some points. Either way I love e-commerce and think it’s the best business model to get Into.

This past week I’ve again felt like things were going wrong everyday something new. Really blows. I’ve once again almost lost a payment l processor, and customers not understanding the new payment system has stressed me out. I’ll keep going but does anyone else feel like this sometimes?

Sorry if this isn’t the place to post, but it is e-commerce related.

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