Please help me with my store!

I am needing some help from some experienced people in ecommerce. I found a product about four months ago that I thought would be a winner, but that hasn't been the case. I will list all the information below. If I forget something please ask.

[I started the store on May 26]( I started with posting tiktok's myself while trying to find someone to shoot a video ad for me professionally. That didn't go well and the most views I got on a video was 500. Didn't make a sale.

[Found someone on tiktok to make a video ad for me]( She had roughly 16k followers. She posted the Tiktok, but didn’t receive any sales from her.

I then started running the video on FB ads on July 2nd. Since then I have had:

  • 4 Website Purchases (all from facebook ads)
  • 5k FaceBook Reach
  • 142 Link Clicks
  • 371 Store Visits (stat from shopify)

My daily limit for ad spend was set to $15, then $10, now $5 while I figure out what to do.

I tried running an ad on tiktok for a weekend plus a day, but didn’t see any results from it and with their minimum of $20 dollars a day, money was going fast so I shut that down.

Obviously something is not working out. Whether it is my store, ad, or product idk, but I hope to find the solution soon. Money is running low and my dream of running a successful ecommerce store is dimming more and more each day.

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