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I have been running my shop for a couple of yrs and l do make the odd random sale. I have not figured out how to set up calculated shipping which I think is killing conversions. The Look is very clunky because I am not that smart. Could really use suggestions on…
1:) A theme that would work well with my product. (has to kinda be plug and play again … not that smart)
2:) How to build a proper google ad campaign.
3:) Advice on how to set up calculated shipping – my product ranges from being able to be sent in an envelope to requiring a lift gate delivery service. So I cannot seem to sort out how to set up shipping for these differences. I sell on Etsy and am looking to be more independent as I am growing.
4:) Opinions on the trustworthiness feeling of my site.
5:) Optionally how to find trustworthy help that I can hire to help me.
I have sent 1000's of items and I have a great track record and excellent feedback reviews but it is mostly based on third-party site credibility, and I want to build my own customer base.

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