Where do I even start in Ecommerce? (I work in social media in my day job)

Important background information- I work by day as a social media expert- marketing, customer service, data crunching, campaign creation on all social platforms. A lot of full circle campaigns. I know how to market a product online and drive/analyze traffic. I have an entrepreneurial/ creative brain but it has been a while since I have gotten to access it. After researching -ecom for YEARS I realized it's basically the combo of what I do in my free time + my professional time. I have long been ordering on Aliexpress (out of curiosity, its weird I know) for myself. And running fb ads at work. Imagine my shock to realize e-com is basically the combo of the two.

I have watched a lot of content, plus I have all this professional knowledge squashed in, but I have no idea where to start. Chose a product? Start a website? Serve ads?

I know I want to concentrate on ads via tiktok and fb initially. I have some areas I am passionate in, but I really want to chose a smart product. I just need clear concise advise. I have been sitting on this information for years and saw a product I almost launched 3 years ago that is now a multi million dollar business..I need the steps to make it happen, then I just need to pull the trigger.

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