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Hey everyone,

Tim here- I analyzed the data of 105 million Shopify product reviews and thought my findings are worthwhile to share with you (they're really counter-intuitive):


The best reviews are NEVER about the product (they're about the person who left them)

A review justifies the purchase

Some justify a purchase through the direct value for money aspect, others justify it through life-changing experiences (more health because of a protein powder, for example).

It tells a story

If you read through the review texts and look at photo reviews, you'll notice that many people share some additional information that is totally unrelated to the product they're supposed to review. From sharing that they're new parents, love to make gifts for neighbors, political statements, or anything else. Such reviews tell great stories that DTC marketers can use for marketing. (here's an example)

Connects humans

Obv, not in a way that people send direct messages. But on a level that someone who's on the edge of buying something will turn into a buyer because they saw a review from a stranger. Which is weird. I believe it only works if these two people are from the same "tribe" and can relate to the photo review they submitted and the text they wrote. The more relatable that review is, the higher the chances that a review will convert.

^ I think the tribe thing is very important for reviews.

I was lucky enough to work with brands that aired on Shark Tank, shot their products to space (lol), planted almost 100K trees, and were nominated 5 times for the Oscars on this research and content project. The full article with images and video lives here.

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