Do any ecommerce managers get paid partially on commission?

So I’m 22 and currently work as a full time (over the summer, I’ve got my last year of college coming up) ecommerce manager for a car parts company. I run the website including posting products, SEO, email marketing, etc. I also make YouTube videos, create reports, and ship out our products.

I recently stumbled upon a job that I picked up for over the weekend, somewhat to do with cars. The guy owns a car museum, but I work for one of his other businesses. He knows I work this other job and offered me the same position, but working for him. He offered an hourly rate and commission to sell his car parts that he’s acquired over the years of running the museum.

Does anyone work for or run an ecommerce store that pays out commissions on sales? I’ve done some digging and haven’t found much regarding this. This led me here, to find some more information about how companies may pay out commissions for ecommerce management.

Anything helps as I am exploring my options here! Thank you in advance.

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