Whats the market for cheap plain vanilla web shop for 12 bucks per month ?

My current take on web shop market :

If you want a web shop and you have $30/month you go with Shopify. if you dont want to pay that, you go with WooCommerce, maybe on Bluehost, and muddle thru.

Both work and there are lots of other options .. but those 2 are 50% of all shops I guess.

So.. Im wondering, how big is the market demand for a hosted SaaS web shop where you can choose from a couple basic templates, and pay 10 to 15 USD/month ??

Here are a couple of examples of what such web stores might look like, with a somewhat plain-vanilla template :

What do you think .. is this something people want ? or maybe Wix does it already ?

All feedback welcome, be brutally honest.

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