Extended warranty implementation

I run a small website that sells furniture. Lately (like last 6 month) I've been contacted numerous times by various firms offering extended warranty services. Some customers (very few) also asked about these.

I'm not too sure why those 3rd party firms are so active now, but surely I've got an impression there's a lot of them around lately. They differ. Some are really cheap, some are quite pricier. Reviews for those warranty firms online are kinda 'meh' – leaves an impression those are mostly fake reviews. At this point, I'm not really convinced if I should offer these 3rd party warranty plans on a checkout. Main concern is they won't work the way customers are expecting and in the end customers will be pissed and I am not really interested to charge people a little extra on top in case that extra won't mainly work.

Do you have these extended warranty solutions implemented? Do you believe in those warranties? Do you have a personal experience? Is it a legit, proper thing or it's just another way to upsell something for a little extra at the checkout and nothing else?

Would be really nice to hear something from real website owners.

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