How I Scaled my store on TikTok with Organic Marketing with 0$

Hey what's up guys I hope everyone is doing good today in this post I will show exactly how I made three thousand dollars from literally scrolling on tick tock

All right so one day I was scrolling on my 'for you' page on tick tock like a lot of us do and once you're on tick tock you're on there for hours and hours and you don't even realize that time is even passing by I came across a product that was getting a lot of views and it really caught my eye because this person was getting a lot of views and traction.

So after digging through his page it was kind of obvious he was doing drop shipping and so I saw this guy's website I knew it was drop shipping he had a terrible looking website so what I did was I went ahead and did the same thing he was doing

I created a shopify store and I added the Product I made sure the branding was good. I ordered the product and I started advertising on tik tok so after I ordered the product I went ahead and took really nice photos of it made a really good looking website and then it was time to start making tick toks which was definitely the easiest part because essentially what you're doing here is you're pretty much recreating viral videos on tick tock pinterest instagram and I see a lot of people selling that product so it was easy for me to make better videos than them and it ended up doing really well

Why I Succeed

A lot of people when they sell products they don't really focus on having a good website having good videos but if a product is a good product it's gonna get views regardless of how bad someone's website is so that's when you guys have to take advantage of all these people drop shipping nowadays they're selling really good products with horrible looking websites and that's the whole point of drop shipping.

You're supposed to see other people and improve on what they're doing and it's all about making the best looking website the best ad the best product it's really all about having everything perfect and that's really what I did with the Product I made a really good brand out of it so what I did was I went ahead and recreated the same video that got like three million views and I actually showed the Product in my car at night which looked really really good it was dark outside it was in the car and it gave off a really good vibe a lot of people liked it a lot of people were commenting on it and the next day I woke up and I was already at like 1000$ in sales and by the end of the day I reached around 3.6 k Which I can show you the proof If you want.

I was literally just scrolling on my for you page and I came across a cool product which I know all of you guys scroll on your for you page and see a lot of products every single day i've heard every nine videos on your for you page is actually an ad so just make sure next time you're looking on your for you page you keep an eye out for these products for these drop shippers selling these products because as soon as you see something that's already working in the past few months you need to go ahead and capitalize and make a website and do the same thing that they're doing but just take it up a notch make a better looking website make a better looking ad and i'm telling you guys it's going to be worth it because I probably wouldn't have made three thousand dollars if my branding wasn't on point you got to realize.

I made an instagram page a tick tock page a pinterest page I was advertising this everywhere my video blew up.It's so easy to go viral and get your products shown out to thousands of thousands of people by applying some Strategies without spending any money on advertising so just keep that in mind any product is going to do really good as long as your branding is on point and your website looks professional but just make sure you guys are taking advantage of tick tock and because this type of social media is only going to keep going up

Every single one of you guys reading literally find the product on tick tock and go ahead make a shopify website and start making tick tocks it's completely free you're not spending any money like your only money you're gonna spend is ordering the product from amazon and there isn't really any advertising cost there's no crazy fees the best part is you're not going to be spending any money on ads so my profit margins personally for the Product was like around 60 65 which is really really good I mean I spent probably like 60 70 on expenses and everything else was legit profit.

one tip I can give you guys everyone starting a drop shipping store and you guys want to advertise on tick tock when you create a new tick tock account for your business you have to switch it to a business page so that way you can put your website linked directly into bio so people can click it and just shop immediately and a lot of people don't know this but you need to have a thousand followers to actually put a website link in bio if you have a personal account but all you have to do is go on settings and switch to a creator or business account and then you'll be able to put a link in bio and with the Product

I went ahead and linked the product page in my bio and a lot of people just clicked it and bought it they didn't have to physically type in the website which loses a lot of conversions so make sure you guys do that if you guys are starting a new tick tock account

Now I have scaled to multiple figures by using this simple Strategy and hoping to achieve 7 figure revenue through multiple Stores by the end of the year using the same strategy only.

That's going to wrap it up.From now onwards I will be more active on my personal social media accounts like this.

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