Are there any class action suit against CC siding with Fraudulent Chargebacks?

Long story short, 2 customers committed chargeback fraud. They're the names on the card, billing and shipping address is the same, longtime customers, proof of delivery, and I have email exchange of the them requesting to order the specific products are the documentation provided, yet I lost the dispute.

I've done everything in my power, except filing small claims since customers are out of state, and I was appalled by the fact that the Credit Card providers (Mastercard and Discover) were not interested in learning about their customers committing fraud. As a matter of fact, Discover informed me that I was the first merchant to even contact them directly, which I'm unsure if it's true.

Reading so many people here going through this, and finding no resolution, is saddening.

I've contacted the government's repotfraud division to file a complaint against these credit card companies being complicit with fraud, and they encouraged other business owners to do the same, as a high number of complaints will lead to an investigation.

In the meantime, I'm curious as to how have these companies not been charged with complicity to fraud. Are business owners not taking a collective action against these frauds? If anyone knows about any, I would love to add my name to the suit.

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