How to deal with customers saying they didn’t receive everything in the box?

Hey everyone

We operate our own warehouse. We started to get more emails or calls saying a portion of the order was not in the box. We are very sure they were because we put everything in the box, weighed it and then purchased the shipping. The missing item is 10.5 pounds, and the shipment is 47.2 pounds. We seal the box after weighing. FedEx tracking also says the box was 47.2 pounds. After receiving the email we recreated the shipment in the warehouse, and it's still 47.2 pounds. So the item was definitely in the box. This just created an unnecessary tension in the warehouse. The warehouse staff is family, and no theft is involved, we're confident on that.

How can we prove to the customer that it was indeed in the shipment? I just don't want to send out freebies, and also have tension in the warehouse by all these replacement orders.

Thanks in advance

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