I want to recommend them to you – beginners

OK, lets say if you wanted to start dropshipping today. But you have no ideas what products to sell, how to get them, or how to deliver them. You can try this combo that is going to solve these problems.

Problem 1: What products to Sell?

Solution: FindNiche

FindNiche is a spying tool with two major databases: Shopify products database and Aliexpress products database. What FindNiche provides is a bunch of filtering options. These are not random filtering options; they are key indicators of winning products. That means you can find potential winning products out of the combination of these key filtering options.

Usually, dropshippiers are looking for products that have had a high order and growth rate in the last seven days. To avoid competition, FindNiche also allows you to filter out products that are less competitive.

After you had products to sell in mind, you can start to figure out sourcing them and delivering them. You can do it by yourself but I don't recommend it unless you have done that before. You can have HyperSku to do it for you. HyperSKU provides services such as sourcing premium products, fulfilling orders, product & packaging customization, and global delivery in a fast and reliable manner.

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