Tips for dropshippiers or whoever needs to improve their product listings

Product listings incent customers to buy your products. In order to write a high-converted listing, you will need to:

  1. understand customers' desires. Customers are looking for product value as they make decisions. They are convincing themselves to buy them, therefore, it is important to give reasons. The reasons can be
  • pros of your products
  • pain points your products can solve
  • occasions in which your products can be helpful

Namely, product name+functions+occasions make up the basis of your product listing

2) highlight your products

Customers can't see online products with their bare eyes. Therefore, be sure to help them to know your products by giving them specifics details and unique selling points. You can highlight products' differences from competitors, or educate customers about the products with new information they might not be aware of.

3) tell them about your brand

a brand story would be great to add to the product listings since that draws attention. Be sure to connect the story to your products.

4) avoid using superlative words such as "best" since they are 1) not persuasive and 2) very hollow

5) use fewer exclamation marks. Exclamation marks are a type of visual noise when you have too many of them.

6) don't lie to your customers. Remember to provide facts instead of cliche.

Stay away from these descriptions:

“you’ll shed pounds without dieting or exercise”

“the blender that gives your vegetables a four-star taste”

“a scent that no man can resist“

7) don't add too much emotional or vague description, such as "amazing" "exciting" or "fascinating"

8) avoid terms or jargon. Go straight up

9) avoid passive voice. Be interactive and sound like people are talking.

Welcome to elaborate!

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