What am I doing wrong with my store?

I have a few stores I am running. My goal for this one was to post clips of the product myself on tiktok and build a customer base through there. In other words organic tiktok traffic. I am not paying FB, tiktok, or any other platform to run an ad. I am doing all the ad work myself.

I have had about 300 visitors on my store since I have launched. My first tiktok did decent with 500+ views, but after that I usually get about 75 views with the occasional 250.

I don't know much about tiktok since I have never used the platform before, so I know that puts me at a disadvantage. I know my content could be better. But with 300 store visits I should have at least made one sale IMO.

If you will please check out my store and my tiktok and help me by telling me what I could improve on.

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