I’m 16 and starting a store, I have a big problem though

Hi. I'm a 16 y/o living in central texas and for the past few years ive always thought about making some sort of online income. A few months ago I found drop shipping again and this time I really went balls to the wall on it. this time I was serious. I bought a course. I knew that it looks like a stupid idea from the outside, but I spent 1k on it for some serious information on the whole drop shipping process. if you want to see the course look up "outright ecom". everything has been going smooth until about a week ago. I was never told this, but after setting everything up, I saw that I actually had to be over 18 to start a PayPal business account and shopify payments. ive talked to an older business owner that I know and they said that there MIGHT be a way around this in that I can get an LLC for the EIN so I don't have to use anybody's social. however even then I still need to have someone legally as a owner of the business so I don't get in trouble. if there isn't any other way around this, I'm going to be stuck for the next few years and will have to wait until I'm 18. if anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to give this up just yet. Thanks

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