Customers whose packages are delivered to and signed for by hotel staff ask for refunds when they claim their recipient hasn’t received the item…

I work for an online store who ships throughout Canada and the United States. Sometimes, customers place orders via our website to have delivered to a hotel or hospital address (although our website advises customers to proceed with caution when/if doing so). We also call/e-mail customers before shipping these items to make sure the recipient will still be at the hotel by the time the order is delivered.

I would say that about 90% of these orders arrive to their recipients successfully, whereas for 10% of them – tracking information confirms the package was signed for by the hotel front desk/concierge/reception on or before the date it was supposed to arrive, only for the customer to claim they never received the package or that it was never delivered to their recipient. Out of these 10% of customers, all of them either ask for a refund or free replacement, which I rarely (if ever) grant, because we are not responsible for the hotel's negligence, and I advise them to take it up with the hotel staff.

We're still a small business; we do pretty well for ourselves, but we're not the kind of company who can afford to refund customers willy nilly yet. Where do my fellow e-commerce workers stand? Am I being too unforgiving for holding customers/hotels responsible?

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