What to sell on Amazon and other marketplaces?

I constantly hear this question from acquaintances, friends and relatives who want to try their luck in this “casino”, and from time to time I see articles about “successful success” in sales on marketplaces, and just a couple of honest articles about enchanting failures.

But in fact, everything is somewhat different, and in some places everything is very, very sad, just no one wants to talk about it, and I know about this not from articles, but from personal communication with the victims.

I had experience selling on marketplaces both in Europe and in the USA (Amazon), both positive and negative, and tried to analyze my actions and the actions of competitors, and came to one conclusion, it seems that the majority of sellers just do not take into account a lot of obvious factors when choosing a product and just believed in luck.

This ultimately leads to catastrophic losses and under-cost sales for those who rely on luck or believe that it is enough to simply look at the sales of a competitor and urgently order goods from China.

My sources of income do not depend on sales on Marketplaces, and this is not my main business, but I have the opportunity, safely for myself, to experiment and analyze my mistakes and the mistakes of competitors for several years, and of course, success also needs to be analyzed.

In the end, in order to simplify the task of choosing a particular product, and not rely on luck, I made a table for calculating the sales potential, but since for the calculations it was necessary to collect and enter about 30 different parameters for each SKU, this turned into very tedious and boring job.

I decided to automate this process, and now this Telegram bot @SellOrNotBot (@SellOrNotBot) does all this work for me to assess the potential for selling goods on marketplaces.

I noticed that the first users immediately decided that this was just a competitor analysis, since the bot did not give very encouraging forecasts, but this is not only a competitor analysis, it is a mistake to believe that you can enter the competitors’ positions without changing the market situation and that they will just carelessly watch you.

You take away sales from them for already promoted goods, here we are talking about starting to sell this or that product from scratch, from the very bottom, while taking into account all possible costs.

The main goal was: to make a simple tool, and give a simple answer to the question of what to sell on marketplaces, and not be in the red, at least.

Don't be surprised if the forecasts for some popular SKUs are disappointing.

This is not an analysis of your competitors, this is an analysis of the sales and profit potential if you want to enter the market today, from scratch with a new product for you.

Since the analysis takes place in real time, it may take a few seconds, and since the situation may change every week and every day, the result may differ.

Since I use several of paid APIs, please don't torment him to no purpose as I pay for every request you make 🙂

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