Career options for an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur

Hey all! I've been in the e-commerce field for the last 4 years with really inconsistent results. My most recent online store did $250k (USD) revenue within 10 months (with low margins of 5-10%). Before that one other project also did low six figures (again, low margins). I'm an entrepreneur at heart and will always be, but I really do want to try out working for someone else. I know most people will think I'm crazy – why not just rinse and repeat, right? Well that's my end goal in life, to grow and scale brands, but I feel like for now I need a change. Also, working for someone else would help me learn skills that I lack of and expand my understanding of the bigger picture, I'd say.

I'm 26 and I live in Australia. I actually started out in Australia as a backpacker, but have now been here for 5 years. Not a native English speaker but probably speak better these days than some locals lol. Don't get me wrong – I have been working jobs all my life, while working on these online stores on the side, but most of them have been irrelevant jobs, such as forklift operators etc. Reason being, that those jobs pay 5x of what I'd make in my own country. In 2021 though, I did work as a freelancer for an Amazon FBA marketing agency, where I was managing total of $500k – $1M yearly advertising budgets. That was for about 12 months in total.

I don't have a degree or anything (pretty sure dropping out after 1 year in Comp Sci doesn't count). I dropped out as I wanted to travel to Australia and earn better money. To save and support my family back home.

Over the years running my own projects, I've gained experience in most if not all fields when it comes to running and business (e-commerce). From product research, finding suppliers, negotiating, all the way to designing email templates and fixing errors with SMS marketing campaign deliveries or learning basic HTML in order to change a padding on a X button on X page (I'm bit of a perfectionist). I've also hired contractors so I've got some managing/leading experience (really like it actually).

The reason of the post, is that I guess I'm just bit confused/lacking direction in terms of what kind of job should I try and get.

And I also have a huge imposter syndrome, meaning I'm not sure if I'd be even qualified to get an entry level job working for someone else. I guess it's actually imposter syndrome mixed in with some lack of self confidence too. The truth is, I've actually never thought about what I have achieved (even though it's nothing compared to what most bigger scale brands are doing) and reading over my post now I'm quite proud and I don't think anyone could've done it.

Long post, but any kind of advice/help/suggestions would be much appreciated. Happy to chat with someone over PM too!

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