Discord server to discuss ecommerce. NO GURUS. NO COURSE. NO SPAM. Only members helping members.

Please read before joining

  • This is an unofficial server (meaning we are NOT affiliated with this subreddit or the mods)
  • This is for members to help other members.
  • Absolutely NO GURUS or selling courses they offer
  • Ad-free and zero selling of any kind
  • Only join if you wish to learn, share knowledge, and help each other
  • All are welcome, from brand new to the most experienced


This server was made to chat with another Reddit user. I posted the link publically in a thread and a few people started joining. I think it is an excellent opportunity to allow users to connect more personally and have a revolving discussion while getting input from other users.

Members helping members only. This server will be heavily modded to avoid anyone trying to sell anything. We welcome those who are friendly and looking to learn with others.

Thanks for taking a look and have a good day

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