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I've been the lucky guy to be put in charge of making a new webshop at work – I don't particularly have any experience in doing this, so it would make me very happy if someone would be kind enough to give me a few pointers/some feedback.
The site is not 100% complete yet – I still need to go through the texts and finish the translations/spellcheck all of it, as I am not the original artist who wrote it.

Also, the products are not up on the page yet – someone else is working on making integration between our stocklist and the site, as we outsourced that part.

There is an error with the currency conversion – the developer of the plugin is looking into that. I will also style it a bit differently.

The site can be found here: – it will move to some faster hosting when online, so it should be sped up.
Once it is online/live, I also plan to make some improvements to the speed, by optimizing a bit on the images, and perhaps also some improvements to the code.

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