Is it me or does every e-commerce consultant absolutely suck…

I’ve had my e-commerce business for a few years and most of my sales come from SEO & niche forum marketing.

I’ve hired quite a few consultants over the years and have literally never had any positive results.

One example was a CRO consultant who had his own Facebook group with over 16,000 members and five star reviews for his business. I was part of the group and asked for some help and this guy offered me his services. The results were abysmal, I went months without a sale after his changes until I finally implemented my own changes which brought things back to normal. Suffice to say he did not give a shit about his bad results.

Then I worked recently with a Google ads manager from Upwork with over $1M in business and 100% success rate. His fee was higher than the ad spend but I didn’t want to waste my time and was ready to scale. Result was a big $0 in sales, abysmal results, and based on the targeting, no knowledge of my business, worst part is he only spent 75% of our agreed upon ad spend before charging more money. I had to stop before I wasted all the money in our business.

Why are all consultants charging thousands of dollars and then not delivering and not giving a shit? Has everyone here had similar experiences? Should I just learn it all and do trial and error?

How did all of you successfully scale your business?

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