Physical Poll For Customer Research

I'm a software developer and have been getting into eCommerce.

I was thinking of an eCommerce product and wanted the people who bought it to give me feedback on a single question.

I came up with the solution of adding a physical page with a single question on it and 3 possible answers. A Poll essentially.
Customers can vote simply by scanning the QR code, it will open the website and that's it. It takes 3 seconds. I would assume this low barrier leads to a lot more feedback than usual. For 1-2 Questions.

I'm also getting into SaaS and want to make this a fully fledged product. Here I'm also getting told over and over again to get a lot customer feedback.

As a seller think essentially, then picking a template, then printing it.

As a customer think this

– Is this even a problem that needs solving for you more experienced ecommerce people?
– What would you ask?
– Do you think this is a good idea?
– The main idea is eCommerce, but I guess it works everywhere where you want feedback from your customers but don't have personal access, but something physical does…

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