Looking for some guidance: Does Kickstarter or selling on Amazon (FBA) now make sense for me?

Hello! I created a couples therapy card game that is unique and has an adventure/puzzle aspect to it. It is fully created and I already had a small batch printed successfully. There is also a special edition specific for military veterans. I do have money available to manufacture a large batch upfront if I wanted to. Which path makes most sense for me?

A: Launch a Kickstarter first to help generate a little following. I'd likely use Amazon to fulfill the orders and then sell after.

B: Start selling on Amazon now and take the plunge.

I am leaning towards option B so I can focus my advertising efforts towards selling my product now rather than a future Kickstarter. If I did end up getting some buzz, I'd rather direct people to an actual place they can buy now rather than a Kickstarter. Any thoughts?

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