Critique my website?

Link in comments.

Good enough? Why/why not?

I'm still working on the website, have yet to list all of the products – there are more than 1400(!). I've tried to keep the website design basic and easy to navigate – personally don't like the flashy ones. I have a plan in mind but keep second-guessing my ideas. Thought it would be helpful to ask others.

Name/logo/front page?

What do you think of the product images? A lot of people have suggested I use images from the wholesale place I'm buying my products from. I think they're pretty good quality. Would it be better to take my own instead? I can't really afford it atm…

What about the product titles? Their titles on the original website are really generic/sound cheap… I hired a freelancer but they didn't do a very good job so now I'm doing it myself – reason why there are so few products visible right now

Pricing? Is it too high/too low? I read somewhere that people often don't buy products with low prices – apparently they suggest lack of quality/fakeness, etc. I still tried to keep them reasonable though – I have to pay for multiple subscriptions, freelancers, advertisement, etc. and especially the fact that I have been working on it day and night.

Should I offer free shipping? Currently it's set as $7.50 (usd). Available worldwide for the same rate.

I'm considering offering one free item as a thank-you to customers (if I get any!) who sign up to my mailing list. Too much? All I have right now is my personal opinion.

What do you suggest working on next? I keep thinking this isn't going to work

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