Request for feedback on recently revamped AU-based site

Hello everyone, I have recently helped my client ( revamp its site design using Shoptimizer, a premium WooCommerce theme that was recommended by some of you in my earlier post on this subreddit (thank you so much!). I would like to ask again for your honest feedback on how the site looks and functions. Anything that can help us improve the quality of user experience is highly appreciated.

My goal in asking for review: With the help our dev guys, I'd like to tweak some settings/customizations further to (1) give users superior page experience and (2) improve conversion.

We are also fixing some issues so we can finally pass the core web vitals assessment on desktop (mobile is good), particularly the cumulative layout shift.

The majority of the site's product descriptions need improvement while some pages can also make use of revamps. You can skip that part. France at Home is a family owned and operated business, so during the earlier years of operation it didn't have a dedicated writer to focus on writing better descriptions. But I've started working on some of them and I know it's very important to really create quality descriptions that add value to the customers and helps in conversion optimization and SEO.

Thank you so much in advance.

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