Supplier from Alibaba sent me samples with better quality than our actual products. What should I do?

I've been working with a supplier on Alibaba for over 1 year now. They are a verified factory and we do have Alibaba trade insurance on all orders. I have ordered products worth around $130k over 5 different orders in total from this supplier. On our 4th and 5th orders we recently switched to a new upgraded version of our product. Before we committed to this product we of course ordered product samples according to our specifications. We got the samples and verified them and everything was ok so we placed 2 bulk orders according to these specifications. We finally recently received the first batch of the new products which has been sent out to a few customers now and I started noticing that the products didn't look as good as our sample products. So I ordered a few products home to myself(I'm working with a 3PL so I haven't touched the products at the warehouse). And I noticed that there is quite a big difference between the sample products we received and the actual product we got. The products have a kind of filling inside them and it seems like the sample products filling is of another material which is better than the product we bought. The weight is the same of the sample products and the actual products but the look and feel are a night and day difference between the samples and the actual products. I think the products we received are according to the order specifications but the samples we received have better material than what we ordered. So we have been tricked by them sending us better samples than what our products were supposed to be. If the samples we would have received had the same quality as the goods we got we would have not ordered these.

What can we do here? Can we open a dispute for these 2 last orders or are we fucked? The problem I'm guessing is that the products we got ARE according to our specifications but the samples we received which we were told were to our specifications have better quality than our specifications.

The customer feedback has been quite ok on these products, we haven't gotten that many complaints but it is still not up to our standard. We want to have the best product on the market which we currently do not have due to this.

Has anyone here been in the same situation?

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