Why am I making sales all of a sudden doing no work?

I have been in eCommerce for about 6 months now. I have ran 4 stores so far. Haven't had any major success but I see the potential.

Today I will be talking about store B. On all of my other stores, I have ran ads on FB and Tiktok. On store B I was trying to make sales for free without using any paid advertising, so I did all the advertising on a tiktok channel. I posted a tiktok every other day for about a month or two.

After about two months I decided it wasn't going to work since I had no sales and I just started focusing on my main stores. I still had one more month (September) for $1 on Shopify so I didn't shut the store down.

Fast forward to last week and today, I have made 5 sales. Which is nothing crazy, but it is out of nowhere! My last tiktok was posted July 31st.

What is happening and what can I do to continue getting sales or possibly get more sales?

TLDR: I started a store a few months ago. Only posted tiktoks, didn't run ads. Gave up on the store because of 0 sales after 2 months. Now I am randomly getting sales a week before I was going to shut it down despite the fact I haven't posted a TikTok since July 31st.

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